Chartered Bus Fare

Charter Bus Fare

Rates GuidelineClassTokyo AreaOsaka Area
Rate based on distance/km
Rate based on journey time
Exchange Driver Fee
Rate based on distance¥44¥33¥33¥22
Rate based on journey time¥3,388¥2,343¥6,908¥2,387
Surcharge (22:00-5:00)
Rate based on time with alternative driver
Within 20% of the fee (hourly rate)
Special vehicle surcharge
Within 50% of the fare

Based on the above fare structure, we will estimate the fare depending on the destination, distance, and time.

Fares are without consumption tax. (8% as of February 2019, 10% after October 2019)

Fees for toll roads, bridges, round-trips, parking, etc. will be charged separately.

For hired cars, there is a surcharge depending on the type of car and driver.

Some high-class vehicles are subject to a 10% surcharge. The following surcharges apply to drivers

English-speaking driver (5,000 yen surcharge)
Chinese driver (3,000 yen surcharge)

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