Fare Table

Hire Fare

Fare Category
Time-based FareAdditional FareOne Day FareAdditional Fare
4 hours minimum
4 hours or 60 km30 minutes or 7.5 km8 hours or 120km30 minutes or 7.5 km
Tokyo (including tax)
Osaka(including tax)

Charter Bus Fare

Rates GuidelineClassTokyo AreaOsaka Area
Rate based on distance/km
Rate based on journey time
Exchange Driver Fee
Rate based on distance¥44¥33¥33¥22
Rate based on journey time¥3,388¥2,343¥6,908¥2,387
Surcharge (22:00-5:00)
Rate based on time with alternative driver
Within 20% of the fee (hourly rate)
Special vehicle surcharge
Within 50% of the fare

Based on the above fare structure, we will estimate the fare depending on the destination, distance, and time.

Fares are without consumption tax. (8% as of February 2019, 10% after October 2019)

Fees for toll roads, bridges, round-trips, parking, etc. will be charged separately.

For hired cars, there is a surcharge depending on the type of car and driver.

Some high-class vehicles are subject to a 10% surcharge. The following surcharges apply to drivers

English-speaking driver (5,000 yen surcharge)
Chinese driver (3,000 yen surcharge)

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Tokyo Taxi Fare Table (Standard)

Fare TypeDetailsTypeFare (tax included)
Rates based on distance
The first
1.052km or less
Rates based on traffic conditions
Moves slower than 10kph or stops,
added to the fare every 85 seconds
Extra charge for the current demand
Dispatching charge
Extra charge for the booking
Booking Charge
Booking charge for the van-type taxi
Journey between 22:00 and 5:00
Added 20%
Discount Policy
Discount people with disability
10% Off
Discount rates depending on the fare
Exceeding ¥6000, the excess makes
10% Off
Exceeding ¥9000, the excess makes
20% Off
Exceeding ¥12000, the excess makes
30% Off
Rates based on journey time
The first,
60 minutes or less
every 30 minutes

This cab fare covers the 23 wards of Tokyo, Musashino City and Mitaka City.

Osaka Taxi Fare (standard)

Fare TypeDetailsTypeFare(include tax)
Rates based on Distance
The first,
1.459m or less
Rates based on traffic conditions
Moves slower than 10kph or stops,
Added to the fare every 90seconds.
Journey between 22:00〜5:00
Added 20%
Discount for people with disability
If the passenger has presented his/her passport for the physically disabled or mentally retarded, and only in the car section where the passport for the physically disabled or mentally retarded has been displayed, the fare will be charged.
10% Off
Pick-up and Drop-off Fare
In the case of pick-up and drop-off service, the maximum distance is 1,495km and the car will be treated as an actual car. (Excluding requests from car dispatch applications)
Early Reservation Fare
This is applicable to the case where a reservation is made for a car between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. (for car dispatch or standby service).
Every time
Charter Fare (Time-based Fare)
every 30 minutes or less