Hire Fare

Hire Fare Table

Fare Category
Time-based FareAdditional FareOne Day FareAdditional Fare
4 hours minimum
4 hours or 60 km30 minutes or 7.5 km8 hours or 120km30 minutes or 7.5 km
Tokyo (including tax)
Osaka(including tax)

Based on the above fare structure, we will estimate the fare depending on the destination, distance, and time.

Fares are quoted included consumption tax (10%).

Fees for toll roads, bridges, round-trips, parking, etc. will be charged separately.

For hired cars, there is a surcharge depending on the type of car and driver.

Some high-class vehicles are subject to a 10% surcharge. The following surcharges apply to drivers

English-speaking driver (¥2,000 per hour / tax not included  )
Chinese driver (¥2,000 per hour / tax not included )

Accepted Payment Methods